In late May of this year, I reported on a couple of upcoming NRSVue editions that were due to be released over the summer: the NRSVue Audio Bible with Apocrypha from Hendrickson Publishers, and the SBL Study Bible (the successor to the Harper Collins Study Bible).

The product listings on show that the expected release dates for both items have been delayed until Fall. The NRSVue Audio Bible is now expected to release on October 17th, and the SBL Study Bible is expected on November 21st.

3 thoughts on “NRSVue Audio Bible and SBL Study Bible Delayed Until Fall”

    1. It does far worse than that, one of the most PC Bibles got even worse with its latest update. I would say it is only slightly less offensive than the legendary awful “Inclusive New Testament”

      1. For me, the only use for the NRSVue is mere curiosity about what Modern Scholarship™ thinks in terms of variant readings. And thankfully, I can see that for free on BibleGateway.

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