Word on Fire is offering a fall sale for today only. The Word on Fire Gospels is currently 20% off for the paperback, hardcover, and leather editions. The evangelization pack, which includes 4 paperbacks and 1 leather edition, is 45% off. The Word on Fire Store is available at this link.

5 thoughts on “Flash Sale from Word on Fire”

  1. I bought the WOF Gospels at full price so thus tells me to wait it out next time. That said, they’re lovely. The books feels great in the hands, is easy to read, and I enjoy Fr. Barron’s insights (there are lots of short, pithy essays explaining various interpretative points) and analysis regarding Catholic art and scripture

  2. Evangelical Bibles just announced on Twitter that they’re going to produce some Schuyler Canterbury KJVs with the complete Apocrypha – great news for those of us associated with the Ordinariates.

    1. That is great news! I e-mailed them as recently as August and they said they had no plans. Who knows, perhaps the interest and brisk RSV + Apocrypha swayed them.

  3. After much time spent with the WOF Gospels, I would like to publicly rescind my original knee jerk criticism of Bishop Barron and the “commercialism” of this project.
    After spending time reading and digesting a lot of the commentary I have come to really enjoy reading it. I have high hopes for the Acts and Letters next year

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