A reader recently reached out to Ignatius Press to inquire about the status of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (ICSB). Over the past year, a few people involved with the project have commented that the remaining books of the Bible have been completed and should be published after the editing and review process is completed. Here is the latest statement from Ignatius Press:

Thank you for your patience, but it’s (the complete Ignatius Study Bible) not going to be ready this year. Editing and getting imprimaturs for all the books takes a very long time. We hope (for) the Fall of next year (2022), but there is no specific date.

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    1. By my count, I’m guessing they probably have about 6 booklets left to publish to complete the set (“Leviticus”, “Numbers”, “Psalms”, “Jeremiah & Lamentations”, “Ezekiel”, and “The Minor Prophets”).

      Given their historical pace, I would say 2023 or even 2024 would be a safer bet but I hope I’m wrong!

  1. Does anyone know if Ignatius Press will be selling an Old Testament volume that would complement their New Testament study Bible? I want to buy their study Bible, but not if they’ll be releasing it as one Bible, once the Old Testament is complete.

  2. There is no justification for this delay. Obviously not a priority. This would not happen at Zondervan, Thomas Nelson or OUP.

  3. Sadly, Scott Hahn’s increasingly frequent engagement with LifeSiteNews, his statements about COVID being a corrective punishment from God and “not compromising” with liberalism have cast him, his work, and the Ignatius Bible commentary itself in a very bad light.

    He and the entire Ignatius Bible effort are now a poisoned well for my faith. I won’t be drinking from it anymore.

    1. I haven’t followed Hahn too closely, but based on what I have seen I have the same concerns as Christopher. I have the Ignatius NT Study Bible but rarely use it. I’m not sure exactly why. I don’t have any problems with it but I find it a bit dry I guess. I usually reach for other study material. For both of those reasons I probably won’t be buying this when it finally comes up.

      Has anyone heard anything lately about a possible Augustine Institute study bible? Last I heard they were saying maybe they’d have something by the end of this year?

      I bought the mahogany Augustine ESV-CE based on Timothy’s review from a while back. It’s exactly as Timothy described – great bible. It’s the perfect everything for me: perfect size, layout, font. It’s become my daily reader. A bit over priced for bonded leather, but I saw on Amazon recently that the black bonded leather is going for $52, with free shipping if you have Prime. That’s close to an appropriate price IMO.

    2. That’s unfortunate that you consider the ICSB to be poison. Could I ask, to take one example, why you think that it is wrong for Dr. Hahn to suggest that COVID is a corrective punishment from God? Every time something bad happens to Israel in the Old Testament the inspired authors say that God is the reason – and that He is punishing them for their sins. Dr. Hahn is giving a biblical take on the sufferings of COVID.

    3. Dr Scott Hahn is a conservative catholic!He adheres to the faith of our fathers!In his recent publications he decries the historicocritical method in favor of an exegesis based on the fathers of the church.Frankly I do not know what is not to like if you are not a mordernist!

  4. Just to let everyone know just how slow Ignatius Press has been with this process: The Minor Prophets for the Ignatius Study Bible was already finished – at least the writing, not the editing – about 13 years ago. I know this because I talked to the scholar who did the work about that fact in 2010 !

  5. I know this has been a super long time in the works, but I’m still excited for it. The NT was well done and with any luck the OT will be just as impressive. One volume or two…, only time will tell, but I’m guessing that it’ll be as thick as a shoebox by the time it’s finished.

  6. I contacted Ignatius Press a couple years ago and ask them if the Old Testament portion of the Ignatius Study Bible was going to be in one or two volumes when it finally released and they said due to the size it will be two volumes I was told this maybe two years ago.

    1. I will likely not get it if it comes in two volumes. There is no reason for them to not offer it in one, single volume. If you look at the majority of Protestant study bibles, like the ESV or NIV SBs, they have as much if not more content than the ICSB will have and they offer them in a host of single volume sizes and formats.

      1. I agree! I have been waiting since I joined the Catholic Church in 2009 for this study Bible. I still don’t have a go-to Catholic Bible and end up reading my favorite Protestant version.

  7. My appreciation of God’s word has deepened so much with the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, New Testament thus I am patiently waiting for the Old Testament.

  8. The Ignatius NT Study Bible is wonderfully rich but also most TOO much. I find a deep line by line commentary distracting when I am also trying to read the Scripture. But when I want to know something it’s wonderful and I will be checking out the OT maybe in my retirement ha

  9. I have numerous Bibles of many translations. In 2011 I purchased the Ignatius NT and it is one of my favorites for studying scriptures because the footnotes are amazing. So I hope they publish the OT soon.

    I know they announced they are going to publish a one volume Bible, but I hope they also publish a stand alone Old Testament Ignatius volume for those of us who have the Ignatius New Testament. That way we can pair them up.


  10. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Oxford Press comes out with their new Catholic Study Bible based on the new NABRE with revised NT and Psalms texts (due out in 2025) before Ignatius Press publishes their very long awaited Ignatius Study Bible based on the RSV-2CE.

    1. I emailed Ignatius Press awhile back asking if their study Bible will bet published in one or two volumes. A customer representative responded saying that they intend to publish the study Bible in two volumes. The New Testament is already published, as I’m sure you know already.

  11. So, submission in 2022…and then HOW LONG? 2 years? 3? 5? It’s no wonder that Protestants are LIGHT YEARS ahead on the Bibles they produce.

    1. I understand the frustration, but this is hands down the most thorough commentary I’ve ever seen in a Bible, Catholic or Protestant. Hopefully it won’t be much longer.

  12. It is beyond ridiculous that this ‘project’ is not done. Ignatius Press is not on my ‘favorites’ list anyway, after the way they treated Patrick Coffin. That said, I would suggest that people just give up and move on. There are other Bibles.

  13. I had high hopes for this Bible and as a former Protestant pastor I completely understand the need and desire for study Bibles. Also as a former Protestant pastor, I own a number of study Bibles that contain more information and illustrations, maps, etc than this Bible will and they didn’t take anywhere nearly as long to be published. Very disappointing and I am now giving up on this. I will not be buying it at any point.

  14. I used to be a preacher underneath very qualified Protestant pastors & truly Loved my work: there study & preaching! After 15-20 yrs, however, I KNEW I’d been led to the Catholic Faith…. Our only prob was $$. Eventually, being unwilling to divorce my husband (I was frequently encouraged to leave him & just go back to finish my education), I became horribly disgusted that any Christian church would recommend such a thing!!!!), I spent months in prayer & discussion w my husband & went with my original conviction that I’d made a vow before God that came first!. No divorce or added strain & no outrageous expense.
    We moved back to NV & I continued doing full load pulpit supply.
    I’ve made the correct decision & have had peace ever since.
    I love to study Scripture & language & pray. I’d say life is very good.
    If you don’t know Greek or Hebrew & are inclined in any way, I encourage you. It’s great fun AND learning the Scriptures this way is a huge blessing.

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