As noted in a couple of recent posts, Schuyler has been considering a premium edition of the Revised Standard Version. In recent social media and email updates, they expressed 95% certainty about publishing the RSV. Today, they officially confirmed their plans to typeset and publish the RSV in their signature Quentel format. They have created a web page dedicated to their RSV project with all the details on the upcoming edition. According to an email update from Schuyler this morning, typesetting work will begin in November, with an expected publication date in August 2021.

Schuyler Quentel bibles are known for exquisite craftsmanship. Along with R. L. Allan, Schuyler is one of the best-known publishers of premium bibles in the protestant market. Their forthcoming RSV will be their first attempt at publishing a bible with the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books.

The Quentel series of bibles has been designed primarily for easy readability (here is a brief description on the Schuyler website). As such, it is not designed to be a thinline or portable edition. It combines a bold font with opaque paper and line matching to make an edition that is comfortable to read for extended periods.

According to today’s email from Schuyler, the new RSV’s “typesetting will be similar to the Quentel, but we may spice things up a bit for this one!”

As always, if you are interested in receiving email updates about this new edition, use this link to sign up for Schuyler’s RSV email list.

2 thoughts on “Schuyler RSV with Apocrypha Confirmed”

  1. There has been a bit of a buzz lately (growing ever louder since back when Jorge became pope…)


    Of course this all started with a sketchy prophecy of Malachi about Francis being the last pope, and most Catholics just ignored it…

    But the ensuing years were plagued with scandal both within and without the Church, and society at large glorifies the indulgence of immorality and Christianity is vilified as a hate group! This is of course the spirit of the Antichrist, which has always striven against the Church.


    I think the announcement of a PREMIUM REFERENCE EDITION of the RSV…. FINALLY!!!! Is proof POSITIVE! This has GOT to be the end of the world!

    It would be the most supreme irony if our Lord returned as the mailman was placing the long awaited box in my hand….

    1. Ha ha! When you started talking about the End Times and the Prophecy of St Malachi that isn’t where I expected you to end up. Well played!

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