Many thanks to reader Alfredo for sharing the news that the leather edition of the Word on Fire Gospels is back in stock at the Word on Fire Store. It sold out within days of the release date in June. The paperback and hardcover editions have remained available, but the leather edition has been extremely popular. Pricing is still set at $59.95 for a single leather copy and $99.95 for the evangelization pack (a combination of one leather copy and four paperback copies).

In case you missed it, I wrote a three-part review of the leather edition back in June. Here are the links to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

5 thoughts on “Leather Edition of the Word on Fire Gospels Back in Stock”

  1. Any chance of you doing a review of the new Ignatius journaling bible, if possible?
    Would be nice to see how it compares to the standard size leather Ignatius Bible in font and portability.

  2. I would consider it. Thanks for expressing an interest. Is anyone else interested in seeing a review of the Ignatius Journaling Bible?

  3. Yes please, I would enjoy your take on it.

    I received The Gospels about a month ago. It’s both beautiful and educational. I am very happy to have purchased it.

  4. Which version did you use before?
    How is the print size – and please assure me it isn’t a red letter edition??

    Thank you

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