Many thanks to the readers who alerted me to two pieces of Bible news this week:

ESV-CE Coming to Augustine Institute Catholic Study Bible App:

The Catholic Study Bible App (available for both Android and iOS) is a collaboration between Ignatius Press and the Augustine Institute. It currently features the RSV-2CE and the RSV-CE text for free, while the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (ICSB) and the Truth and Life Audio New Testament are available as in-app purchases. In a recent email exchange with a reader, the Augustine Institute confirmed that the ESV-CE will be added to the app in the future, along with an update to the app’s interface:

We are currently in the process of updating our Catholic Study Bible app with the new ESV-Catholic Edition and the intention is that it will live side-by-side with the RSV2 text. We hope to have the new text available by the end of the year, barring any technological challenges.”

The Augustine Institute

Schuyler Bibles Considering Publishing the RSV with Apocrypha

Schuyler Bibles is one of the premier publishers of premium leather Bibles in the Protestant market. Their popular Quentel edition is currently available in the ESV, NASB, NKJV, and CSB translations. In recent years, Schuyler has expressed openness to publishing editions with the deuterocanonical books, but they have been carefully researching whether there is sufficient demand for it. In two recent Facebook posts (here and here), they floated the possibility of publishing the RSV (in editions with and without the apocrypha). Their second Facebook post includes a link to a signup form for anyone who would be interested in purchasing a Schuyler RSV Quentel edition. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in a Schuyler RSV to fill out the signup form to express your support.

Schuyler also responded favorably to a commenter on Facebook who requested the NRSV. They indicated that it will be at least two years before they publish an NRSV, but they appreciated the feedback. Additional feedback will help them gauge the level of interest.

8 thoughts on “ESV-CE and RSV News”

    1. That’s very interesting. If they are indeed Catholic editions with the full apocrypha, I’m definitely down for one.

    2. It looks like the editions labeled “with apocrypha” will have the additional books of the RSV expanded apocrypha. According to Waterstones the regular ESV-CE will have 1408 pages, while the ESV-CE with Apocrypha will have 1712 pages.

      1. Yes, the version with the Apocrypha will have all the additional books, not just the ones Catholics count as deutero-canonical. Hence the longer length. However, they will be in the Protestant order, not in Catholkic order. i.e. the books of the Apocrypha will sit between the Old and New Testaments, not intermingled with the Old Testament

  1. I received an email back from Evangelical bible, who responded to my requests concerning the possible Quentel RSV. Here is their response:

    Hi Tim,

    “Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your feedback on a Schuyler RSV! This will be a Quentel edition with Apocrypha (we may also include copies without), so it will be a reference Bible with a Concordance and Maps in the typical Quentel typesetting.”

    Looks promising.

  2. A year and a half later, that app still doesn’t have the ESV. Still, I guess I’ll keep it installed—it’s a free download of the RSV-2CE (and RSV-1CE) for my phone.

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