It was only last month that I had the opportunity to review Cambridge’s new hardcover NRSVUE Popular Text w/ Apocrypha. One of the main things I remarked about that edition was how wonderful the page layout was and the easy readability of the text.  In regards to the inside contents, this newly published leather bound edition of the NRSVUE w/Apocrypha is identical to the hardcover edition. So, if you want a review of the inside of this bible, including the specs, please refer to the earlier review since there is nothing new. In this review, I plan to make a few comments about the feel and quality of the leather cover, while providing numerous photos for your viewing. My hope is that it can help those who are interested in possibly investing the money in this more premium edition of the NRSVUE w/ Apocrypha.

Like the previous hardback edition, this new black calf split leather edition is printed and bound by L.E.G.O. in Italy. According to Cambridge, their calf split leather is superior to the French Morocco leather as found in some of their earlier editions, most notably the NRSV Reference Bible. The calf split is tanned to approach the quality and feel of full-grain calfskin leather. As one who has the NRSV Reference edition, I can definitely say that this calf split leather is superior in every way. The grain has a much fuller feel to it than the Morocco leather. It is quite wonderful actually, and I am convinced that with regular use it will age far better than my NRSV Reference has over the years. While the leather is not as floppy as the Diadem, which is in full calfskin, I will say that it is decently flexible, again certainly better than most Morroco leather or any genuine leather covers that I own. Looking at the inside cover, the inside liner is synthetic and pasted down. The bible opens perfectly flat in most places and will certainly loosen up more with regular use. In regards to size, even with its larger typesetting, it is only a tad bit thicker than my ESV Diadem w/ Apocrypha. Overall, a very sturdy and well-constructed edition of the NRSVUE that has the look and feel of a classic Cambridge Bible. And as I mentioned in the hardbound edition review, this bible has the rare combination of being both readable and portable, making it ideal to carry with you to church or even bible study.

The binding is, of course, sewn. It includes one red ribbon marker, which seems fitting for a simple reading bible. There are head and tail bands, along with rounded page edges that are gold gilded. As mentioned in the previous edition, the typesetting is 9, line-matched, and contains bolded paragraph headings. It has all the markings of a first-rate reading bible. If you are looking for the NRSVUE w/ Apocrypha (British Text) in a quality leather binding, you should certainly consider this edition when it is published in July. Please remember that it is the “British Text” edition and it is available with or without the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books. 

I want to thank Cambridge University Press for providing me a copy of the NRSVUE w/ Apocrypha Text Edition Calf Split Leather Edition in exchange for an honest review.

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