Schuyler RSV is in Production!

Schuyler has sent the typesetting files to the printer for production of their new premium RSV with the Apocrypha/deuterocanonical books. They are still on track for an August publication date, and preorders will begin in either June or July. Schuyler has also confirmed that 200 additional full-yapp editions will be Continue Reading

Recent Bible News

I’ve become aware of a few new Bible editions that have been recently released or are coming this year: Michael Pakaluk’s Translation of the Gospel of John After publishing a translation and commentary on the Gospel of Mark in 2019, Michael Pakaluk has published a translation and commentary on the Continue Reading

Updates on the Schuyler RSV Quentel

Schuyler has sent two update emails this week on their upcoming premium RSV Quentel edition with the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books. The first email provided an expanded sample of pages from the new Bible, including pages from the Torah, the Psalms, the prophets, and the New Testament. Schuyler anticipates that the final Continue Reading