Friendship Press has posted an update on their site saying that the eBible edition of the NRSV-UE has been delayed from its originally scheduled release date. It is now expected to be available by Christmas. Here is the latest announcement from the Friendship website:

The NRSV Updated Edition eBible (NRSVue) will be available through the Word@Hand app by 12/25/2021. We apologize for the delay. Rest assured, everyone at Friendship Press is working hard to deliver to you the NRSVue eBible that is has been: meticulously researched and rigorously reviewed to be delivered with faithful accuracy.

Friendship Press

15 thoughts on “NRSV-UE eBible Update”

    1. In fairness, delays are even massive printing errors that require several quick ‘updates’ to fix are common with Bible translations, it’s not necessarily a sign of a crisis.

  1. Maybe they’re going back and un neutralizing the language (which would result in the very best English translation bar none) HAH

        1. Ya. The complete Ignatius (doesn’t matter, I won’t buy an Ignatius Press products after their treatment of Patrick Coffin) Bible will be complete sometime in 2030.

      1. Not really. Outside of the wierd gendercrippled languate, the NRSV is often way better than the ESV. Look at how they handle the singular and plural yous in Jesus talking to Peter at the Last Supper, for instance. And the NRSV is available in a much wider array of settings and bindings compared to Augustine Institute’s overpriced faux leather.

  2. ESV-CE is one of the best translations out there right now, beats even the RSV-CE, only problem is not enough publishers are making leather versions with decent sized fonts.

    1. Augustine Institute’s overpriced faux leather editions really hold it back. The NRSV has a wonderful selection of settings and bindings

  3. Discovered that the Word on fire publisher will use the NRSVue. What does this mean for those of us who have purchased the Gospels edition? Will future WOF Gospels use the NRSVue, and thus make our current NRSVCE edition outdated?

    1. Good question. I haven’t seen any statements from WOF on their plans for the NRSV-UE. I’m not sure what the status will be. Will the USCCB need to approve the new Bible under the provisions of Canon 825? Or will it be considered a minor revision for which the previous approval of the NRSV still applies? I would also be surprised if WOF publishes a new edition of the Gospels with the NRSV-UE in the near future because it would require new typesetting and publishing costs. I suspect they will focus on publishing additional volumes first, but that’s speculation on my part.

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