Schuyler is continuing typesetting work on the RSV, with a goal to publish two editions in August 2021: one with the apocrypha/deuterocanonical books and one without them. They are requesting input on which colors interested buyers would choose. Here is a link to the quick four-question survey.

The photo below is a new sample of the typesetting from Exodus chapters 19 and 20 (including the ten commandments), which they just sent out by email:

4 thoughts on “Schuyler RSV Color Survey”

  1. Took the survey last night, just four simple questions. It only took me a minute. I strongly encourage anyone who’s interested to let them know your preferences. Happy New Year!

  2. I signed up for updates and received an invitation to fill out the survey. I was hoping for a space for suggestions like publishing a version along the lines of the
    Teveris KJV. I like the single column format.

  3. Just received an email update from about the Schuyler Quentel RSV coming out this summer. and then in the second paragraph
    you’ll find: “Here is a sampler of the text.” Click on that from their page and it will give you a
    13 page PDF sampler!
    Hopefully we’ll all purchase this as a means of convincing them to have Schuyler produce
    a complete old-time Catholic Bible. It will be showing our support for the Apocrypha.
    And in such a printing, the Apocrypha-Deuterocanonical books would be inserted in the
    Catholic positioning instead of a separate section.

    For example, how about the COMPLETE Confraternity Bible that never actually got published/released because of the NAB coming out in the summer of 1970.!
    I just finally managed to find and purchase the impossible to find VOLUME 2 from 1969 of the
    Confraternity Bible. It was the last of the 4 volumes to be released for the OT, along with the
    1941 NT.
    Volumes 1,3,4 had all been released by 1961. That Volume 2 has been something I’ve been
    trying to find for sale for maybe almost 10 years, and amazingly one showed up on eBay
    about two weeks ago and so I jumped right on it. And it was for a very affordable and normal type
    price. Imagine a Schuyler Quentel of the Complete Confraternity with all four OT volumes plus the
    1941 NT.

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