Two prominent Catholic publishers are currently offering 20% off Black Friday sales on Bibles:

The Augustine Institute is offering 20% off all ESV-CE editions with the promo code BIBLE20, and Word on Fire is offering 20% off plus free shipping on their entire inventory, including the Word on Fire Gospels.

8 thoughts on “Black Friday Bible Discounts”

  1. Is there a single column Bible with a BF discount? World on Fire has single column for its discussion of topics, but for the Bible itself uses the conventional two columns. I have found my new Knox very readable in the single column format, even if the double column arrangement seems almost the rule. That layout is conducive to scanning a good of text, but single column is comfier for reading, for me at least. I hope this doesn’t come across as a sort of monomania.

  2. Bibles tend to be published in double columns to reduce the number of pages. given how long the Bible is….the two column tradition is very old, in fact, it goes back to the early days of printing, the Guttenberg Bible is in two columns. Even though the cost of printing is no longer so high that there is a significant cost reduction by printing books in two columns, some traditions never seem to die even long after they have ceased to be relevant.0

    1. Yes, the columnar layout seems to be the Biblical layout. WoF has a conventional layout for discussion, but switches to dual columns for the Scripture. Just from a cursory check of a search engine, NIV and others like the NSRV (featured here) or NABRE can be got in a single column, but it would mean looking a bit harder.

  3. Just an aside, I find the WOF Gospels to have been very exciting when I got it, but, by the end of Matthew, the format and the sheer materialism of the package is starting to grate on me. I find it distracting and have been floating back to the Oxford Annotated NRSV and the Ignatius Study New Testament. Maybe the constant barrage of WOF things to buy I get everyday has something to do with it. I like Bishop Barron but not a fan of the whole WOF angle

    1. I concur with Tim. It’s been a while since I sold my copy of the Bishop Barron Bible. I wanted to give it a chance, but it failed. Beginning with the cost, then the content. It reminded me too much of those sale books which flood the front of Barnes and Noble stores.

      1. Thanks for sharing your long-term feedback! When I was reading the WoF Gospels in May to prepare for writing my review, I wondered if it was “too nice.” It is different enough from traditional bibles and similar enough to an artistic coffee table book that I wondered if it would fulfil its mission. I think the content is excellent, but maybe the format is too “flashy”?

  4. Another prominent Catholic publisher, Midwest Theological Forum, is offering a 25% Advent Special discount on selected books including their excellent Didache Bibles (their hardcover RSV2E edition, the hardcover and bond leather editions of their NABRE version of the Didache Bible and the hardcover of their Spanish-language (Biblia Didajé) edition).

    The 25% discount on these (and other) books is valid until December 3rd.

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