Thanks to a reader for alerting me that Scepter Press has released a pocket-sized Confraternity New Testament with a leatherette cover. This edition measures 3.5 X 5.25 inches (according to Scepter), and it is printed in single-column format with verse numbers in the margin and section headings in red print. There are also printed markers throughout the text to indicate daily readings which will guide the reader through the entire New Testament in 6 months. There is a single ribbon marker.

The product page features a few photos. It looks like the pages are thin enough to create moderate ghosting, and the text is not line-matched. Currently, this New Testament is listed for $11.95 on the Scepter product page (linked above).

6 thoughts on “Leatherette Confraternity Pocket New Testament from Scepter Press”

  1. Both versions are available at
    Vinyl … $7.00
    Leatherette $11.95
    a nice feature of this NT is that it has calendar markings. If you follow them you can read the entire New Testament in six months with 2 minutes of your time each day.

  2. I have this handy little New Testament in both the vinyl cover edition. I love it, but when I saw this post, I immediately ordered the leatherette version. Can’t wait to get it, I am sure it will replace the vinyl one as my travel / carry pocket NT.

  3. I have two versions, which are great. I used to have the vinyl cover, but now I have one, which is a hard glossy paperback (the new replacement for the vinyl?) and the leatherette. One thing I noticed right away is the difference in paper thickness. The non-leatherette version has thicker / more substantial paper. Although the leatherette cover is nicer, the thicker paper of the other is preferred.

  4. Ordered 2 that came in yesterday. Will likely replace my scepter pocket sized rsv New Testament. It’s a great size and the mix of black font and red chapter headings give it a unique look. Thanks for the heads up that it was being released.

  5. I just can’t get behind even getting the NT of this version. Most likely because I don’t have the habit of carrying around solely a New Testament. But especially because if I want the NT then I will also want the OT. I really wish someone could finish the OT Confraternity version : (

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