I have contacted both Darton, Longman, and Todd (DLT), and Penguin Random House (the parent company of Image Catholic Books, who will be the US publisher of the Revised New Jerusalem Bible). So far, I have received no response from DLT, but Penguin Random House promptly sent the following response:

We do not have access to why the book was delayed.
I am showing a tentative release date now as Aug 2020.
It is possible that the date could change again in the future, but I would not be able to say for sure at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience and you could certainly follow up in the upcoming months for updates on this titles release date.

Penguin Random House Customer Service

It sounds like the delay for more than a year is correct. When I first heard of it, I wondered if August 2020 was simply a placeholder date while they ironed out whatever production or approval issues they’re facing. With this response, it’s looking more likely that we won’t see an RNJB until at least August of 2020. 

5 thoughts on “Response from Image Publishing: RNJB Delay”

  1. I don’t know if the only reason why it’s so delayed is cos of the Brexit? I just checked on the Darton n Todd website it says the release of RNJB study edition will be on June 2019. I’m from the UK so maybe I’ll get it first before you guys cos I think RNJB Bible will be on all Catholic bookstores UK first in 2019 before the USA and Oz?

  2. It is June 2019 and they delayed it again. I am starting to get frustrated, especially since the translator has done his work two or thee years ago. Being a christian publisher Darton n Todd should get serious about this. This is not professional, especially since this is and will be their bread and butter (since the Bible is the most selling book at any publisher). They have breached their word so many times that I would suggest (if I could) to fr. Henry Wansbrough to just find another publisher. What do you think guys?

    1. It’s definitely frustrating. But DLT is pretty far along in the process at this point. If Fr. Wansbrough switched to a different publisher now, I don’t think it would move along any faster. The new publisher would need to begin typesetting from scratch. I wonder if part of the delay is getting the imprimatur from the bishops conference. Time will tell, but if the doctrinal review process is still ongoing, the bible could be delayed a while no matter which publisher is ultimately printing it.

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