Sunday, December 9nd, 2018 — Second Sunday of Advent (Year C) First Reading: Baruch 5:1-9


Jerusalem, take off your robe of mourning and misery;
put on forever the splendor of glory from God:
Wrapped in the mantle of justice from God,
place on your head the diadem
of the glory of the Eternal One.
For God will show your splendor to all under the heavens;
you will be named by God forever:
the peace of justice, the glory of God’s worship.

Rise up, Jerusalem! stand upon the heights;
look to the east and see your children
Gathered from east to west
at the word of the Holy One,
rejoicing that they are remembered by God.
Led away on foot by their enemies they left you:
but God will bring them back to you
carried high in glory as on royal thrones.
For God has commanded
that every lofty mountain
and the age-old hills be made low,
That the valleys be filled to make level ground,
that Israel may advance securely in the glory of God.
The forests and every kind of fragrant tree
have overshadowed Israel at God’s command;
For God is leading Israel in joy
by the light of his glory,
with the mercy and justice that are his.


Jerusalem, strip off your garment of mourning and affliction, 
and put on for ever the glorious majesty, the gift of God.
Wrap about you his robe of righteousness;
place on your head as a diadem the splendour of the Eternal.
God will show your radiance to every land under heaven;
from him you will receive for ever the name 
Righteous Peace, the Splendour of Godliness.

Arise, Jerusalem, stand on the height;
look eastwards and see your children assembled
from west to east at the word of the Holy One,
rejoicing that God has remembered them.
They went away from you on foot, 
led off by their enemies;
but God is bringing them home to you,
borne aloft in glory, as on a royal throne.
All the high mountains and everlasting hills
are to be made low as God commanded, 
and every ravine is to be filled and levelled,
that Israel may walk securely in the glory of God;
and the woods and every fragrant tree
will give Israel shade at God’s command. 
He will lead Israel with joy
by the light of his glory, 
in his mercy and his righteousness.

3 thoughts on “REB vs. NABRE: Old Testament (2nd Sunday in Advent)”

    1. That was too cute by half, but I liked it anyway!
      Biblical Catholic, do you know of any reason why the NABRE does not put quotation marks around the words of God? I know I’m dragging the previous post into this one, but it really bothers me and if anyone might know it would be you. Please lend me a hand!

      1. I have no idea, I never even noticed it until you guys pointed it out. It is very strange. The NABRE OT was finished in 2001 but wasn’t published until 10 years later, so given the long, drawn-out process of revision and review that it underwent before finally being published, I don’t think it can possibly be a typo, it simply must be intentional, although I have no idea why.

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