Many of us are inundated with sale notices and advertisements this week, but I’ve seen one Bible-related sale that piqued my interest:

The Augustine Institute is offering 60% off the normal price plus an additional copy to give as a gift for all editions of their¬†Bible in a Year. These volumes contain a selection of scripture to read each day, along with a brief reflection or commentary written by Catholic scholars and theologians. Over the course of the year, the daily selections cover the entire Bible, including the deuterocanonical books. The biblical text is the RSV-2CE. Paperback and “leather-bound” editions are available. I’m skeptical whether the leather is genuine, rather than bonded or imitation, but the site does not give any indication of that. Here is the link to the website for more information.¬†

If you come across any other interesting sales or offers, feel free to comment and let other readers know!

5 thoughts on “Bible In a Year Deal for Cyber Week”

  1. I don’t care for the ‘Bible in a year’ edition, because they break up the text in weird and unnatural ways.

    I find it easier to read a little bit every day, stopping and starting at whatever point seems like a natural transition point conducive to stopping rather than stopping just because ‘I read x number of chapters’ or whatever arbitrary criteria.

    But I do suppose they help some, perhaps many, readers who don’t really know enough about the text to know where the ‘natural transition points’ are, or who need to read the same amount every day to stay motivated.

    1. Fair point, Biblical Catholic. I think the primary target audience for this edition would be readers who would like to read the whole Bible but feel intimidated by its length. Breaking it up into daily chunks makes the task much more manageable.

  2. Man, I just missed this deal…only a 50% discount now, still a great price for the leather editions but I don’t need two, so it’s cheaper for me to just buy a single copy of the paperback on Amazon.

  3. Rec’d my copy of the Bible in a Year (Blue cover) from Augustine Institute. Am returning it. Pages are super-thin. It is simply NOT good quality (content may be great) Bible-certainly not worth the 30 bucks I paid for it. WHEN oh WHEN will we see quality CATHOLIC Bibles???

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