Three or four years ago, I found the Catholic Bibles Blog through discussions on the Catholic Answers Forum. It became a regular stop for me on the internet, due to the wealth of interesting content and discussions among the community of commenters. The blog broadened my understanding of bible translations and fanned the flames for my interest in studying the bible in-depth.

Timothy is now moving on from his blog after 10 venerable years at the helm. I’m so thankful for his efforts over that time, and I hope to continue something of his legacy in this new blog, providing a destination where Catholics can learn, discuss, and develop a community centered on studying the bible.

Fifty-two years ago, Vatican II’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei Verbum affirmed that all the Christian faithful should have easy access to Sacred Scripture. May this blog serve the task of making scripture and scripture study more accessible to a broad range of readers!

In this way, therefore, through the reading and study of the sacred books “the word of God may spread rapidly and be glorified” (2 Thess. 3:1) and the treasure of revelation, entrusted to the Church, may more and more fill the hearts of men. – Dei Verbum 26

12 thoughts on “In Appreciation of Timothy at Catholic Bibles Blog”

  1. Marc,

    Thanks for setting this up. It looks great! It’s clear, out of the gate, that you have a gift for writing, too.

    I, too, benefited from Tim’s Bible blog for several years (I think I discovered it about 7 years ago), and am happy to see the tradition continue. I respect Tim’s decision to move on and tend to new ventures, as I’m sure that it was a difficult choice given the popularity of his blog and the blood, sweat, and tears he had obviously put into it over ten years.

    I look forward to making this new blog a regular destination. Thank you for taking this on.

    Peace and goodness,

  2. Marc,

    Thank you for your nascent efforts. Visually appealing. A “tip of the hat” to the “retired” Timothy. Continuing to pray the best for him. It is exciting to see what will grow from your efforts.

    For our friend Timothy, and for us: 2 Timothy 4:1-2

    “I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching.”


  3. Marc,

    I like the way this blog has been set up so far and I will visit it often. Thank you for doing this. Tim’s blog will be missed and is in many ways irreplaceable. But I am sure much of what was good in Tim’s blog can thrive here and I am sure new ideas and perspectives can be grafted on that will provide enrichment. New opportunities abound.

    Thank you,

  4. Thank you for your compliments and encouragement, Leighton, Jim, and Devin! I’m excited to start out on this new adventure.

  5. I won’t be making any further comments after this one, but I will be reading this blog provided it is regularly updated. I followed Timothy’s ‘Catholic Bibles Blog’ almost from the moment it started in 2008 and was one its earliest commenters.

    1. It’s good to have you on board, Biblical Catholic! I’ve appreciated your contributions at Timothy’s blog. I hope this blog will be useful and valuable for you.

  6. As a “confessed” Catholic Bible junkie, I would visit Catholic Bibles Blog almost daily and am very much looking forward to this new blog continuing to feed my addiction. May God bless Tim in his life and ministry as well as this new effort. Amen.

  7. How is the “CTS New Catholic Bible”? Did you read that? Please write about CTS New Catholic Bible’s review.

  8. Likewise. I just stumbled across this blog looking for something to fill the gap left by Timothy’s.

    I do hope you’ll stay abreast of various translations emerging throughout the Commonwealth (e.g. ESV-CE, NLT-CE, New Community Bible) and forthcoming updates to existing translations (e.g. the RNJB, NABRE, and NRSV revisions).

    1. It’s good to have you here, Christopher! I’m glad you found this blog! Over the past several months, we’ve had a number of discussions on the ESV-CE, NLT-CE, and RNJB (including the publishing delay for the RNJB, which is now slated to be published later this year in the UK and in 2020 in the USA). I also did an extensive review of the NLT-CE in August of 2018 using the readers’ edition published by Tyndale in the US. Welcome to the Catholic Bible Talk community!

  9. Hi Marc – Just want to say thanks for taking up this work. Timothy is a friend and former colleague, and I was crushed when he discerned it was time leave his blog behind. I should have had more confidence that God was raising up someone to take his place! Thank you for taking on this task and sharing insights with the rest of us. For me it’s part personal interest and part my job (I teach Scripture to Catholic adults). I’m so glad to have (finally!) found a new place to gain insights and keep informed of what is happening out in the Catholic Bible publishing world.

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