Baker Book House is currently offering a 40% off sale for the new 4-volume hardcover set of commentaries on the gospels. The sale price is $74.99, and shipping is free. Here is a link to the Baker website for more details. Just a few weeks ago, a reader provided photos and information on this hardcover set in this post.

2 thoughts on “Sale on Hardcover Set — Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture”

  1. Mr. Marc Meteorology,

    Please forgive me for this off topic comment, but I could not find a contact form on this site to alert you personally. I thought you and all your readers, especially NABRE readers (that includes myself), would like to know this.

    The page that the Catholic Biblical Association of America had for the NAB New Testament Revision has vanished. I don’t know what that portends. You can verify this yourself by going to:

    You will get a 404 message. I’ve had that url bookmarked so I could routinely check for updated. The page had not been updated since December 2014. I know this because it talked about ‘Early 2015’ in the future tense.

    I may have had a hand in causing the CBA to remove the page. I noticed there was a typo where it said “Updates willl be posted here periodically”.

    I wrote in to tell them that they misspelled “will” with three L’s. I also asked why there were no updates since the end of 2014. Then poof, the page is gone. They did not respond to me at all, so I take it they didn’t like my email. A shame considering how innocent and inoffensive my email was.

  2. Pardon me again, I also wanted to share this tidbit. This comes from the minutes recorded at the 83rd International Meeting of the CBA, which was held virtually over video chat, due to COVID. It was held from July 31st – August 3rd of last year. A question was raised about royalties from the forthcoming NABRE Bible with Revised New Testament. The minutes record that:

    “Richard Lux asked whether any royalties will be coming from the USCCB for the future New Testament revision. [Ronald D.] Witherup [P.S.S.] (The Chair of the Committee on Finance and Investments) clarified that the royalties that CBA had received from the USCCB pertained to the translation project sponsored by the CBA with the authority of the bishops. The royalties from that project have ended. He continued saying that the new translation has been undertaken solely by the USCCB. While CBA members may have been contracted individually, it is the USCCB’s project.”

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