Many thanks to a reader for informing me that the New Catholic Bible (NCB) is now available on Bible Gateway for verse and passage lookup. I use Bible Gateway frequently for translation comparisons. It currently features many of the most common translations approved for Catholic use (with the notable exception of the Jerusalem Bible family). It also features a wide variety of lesser-known translations. It’s nice to see the NCB added to the lineup!

14 thoughts on “New Catholic Bible Now Available on Bible Gateway”

  1. Wow! Now I don’t need to buy this version. Really surprised it’s come on Bible gateway faster than esvce.

    1. The ESV-CE is really just the 2016 ESV text with the RSV Deuterocanon right? So it kindof is on Bible Gateway already

      1. I’ve been rather disappointed with Augustine Institute’s silence regarding the ESV-CE since it first came out. I had hoped a Study Bible was forthcoming. I suspect sales were rather lackluster.

  2. Fantastic news I use Bible Gateway a lot. I hope they fixed the many typos! It’s a superb translation but needs serious editing.

  3. The typo in Acts 18:25, on biblegateway, has been fixed from the print version, it now says…..the baptism of John, as it should.

  4. Acts 18:25 was also fixed in the recent medium print NCB. Unfortunately, several other needed corrections weren’t made.

  5. Thanks so much for advising NCB
    online at Gateway.

    I have come to making NCB my goto
    along with the DR and this is a convenience

  6. Thanks for sharing! This is great news. (Love Bible Gateway, especially the audio of Max McLean reading the ESV.)

  7. Michael,
    This morning the NABRE is on the site. Perhaps they were doing some kind of update and it was temporarily off the site. I find the Bible Gateway page to be a powerful tool. To me, it is especially useful when trying to figure out difficult passages. Different translations are sometimes useful.

    The word search feature is also very useful. Just for fun do a word search on “works” and “deeds” in the NABRE, NRSV, ESV, RSV and NRSV and in the NIV. You will find the occurrences are markedly different in the NIV.. See the numbers below While I must say that the NIV is always consistent, in context, how it translates Greek words with the root word “ergon:” it clearly has a bias in the use of “works” and “deeds.” The numbers below are for the New Testament only.

    NABRE: Works=94 Deeds=42 Total=136
    NIV: Works=42 Deeds=31 Total=73
    ESV: Works=103 Deeds=23 Total=126
    NRSV-CE Works=77 Deeds=42 Total=119
    RSV-CE Works=83 Deeds=36 Total=119

    A question to ask is: “When does a translation become a commentary?”

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