A reader recently contacted the Augustine Institute to inquire about the new editions of the ESV-CE which they will release in the future. The Augustine Institute granted permission to share this reply on the blog:

…there will be 10 new cover options available for purchase on Catholic.market later this fall (probably in about a month or so). They include 4 bonded leather options, 4 new paperback versions, and 2 hard cover. We are currently working on a Study Bible and hope to have it available for purchase by Christmas, 2021.

This is an extremely ambitious timetable for issuing new editions, especially the plan for a complete study Bible before Christmas of 2021. Unfortunately, there will not be a genuine leather option in the upcoming release for the fall of 2020. In light of Dr. Tim Gray’s comment in an interview in May of this year, it’s still worth hoping that a genuine leather edition will eventually be released. For now, bonded leather will be the closest option for anyone who is looking for a premium ESV-CE.

12 thoughts on “New Details on Upcoming ESV-CE Editions from the Augustine Institute”

  1. I hope they have plans for a Kindle edition a d/or an audiobook edition because I am done with buying paper Bibles, not due to the price. although the e-book edition is usually much cheaper, but because I already have so many Bibles I don’t know where to put them, about the only storage space left in my house my oven

  2. Especially with Covid 19 delaying a lot of printers, that really is ambitious. A prayer book that I want to obtain sold out in February. They were supposed to be up available by the end of July. When that did not materialize, I called the Press and due to Covid 19, they are delayed 6 months.

    A lot of printers are in China. And those that are not, probably have been out of work for some period. And those that are now up and running again are probably at reduced capacity.

  3. I’d really like it if they made the ESV-CE one of the downloadable text options for the Ignatius/Augustine Institute Catholic Bible app. Right now it only offers the RSV-CE and the -2CE with optional Ignatius Study Bible notes. This would be a no-brainer.

  4. It’s disappointing that they won’t be offering a genuine or premium leather edition. Based on the success of the premium leather Word on Fire Bible recently (sold out within a couple of days), it would be a successful venture. I had high hopes based on Tim Gray’s remarks. Ah, well.

  5. This is good news NOT great news. I guess I’ll be contacting Leonard’s Books in a month or so for a goatskin rebind.

  6. I hope they offer an edition in a bit bigger font.

    If they actually get a decent study bible out by Christmas, or even a few months after that, that would be amazing.

  7. I hope a thin line edition is available. I need something that is portable for travels. My eyesight is relatively good as I am 35.

  8. Regarding possible fine editions, if I were in their shoes, I’d be a bit ecumenical and reach out to someone with experience and existing connections–eg, Schuyler/Evangelical Bible–about offering an edition of the “Augustine Bible”.

    That is not without risk, but it is less risky than attempting to do such a thing on your own with zero experience at it.

    That assumes that whatever deal they’ve got with Crossway for licensing would even allow it. You never know the terms of such deals…

  9. I would love, love, love a leather, single column, ESV-CE, with ample margins. It would be so conducive to becoming devoted to the Word of God every day!

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