I mentioned this in a recent comment, but in case anyone is unaware, GIA Publications offers a free, searchable interface for the Revised Grail Psalms on their website. These psalms were approved by the USCCB for liturgical use, and they are frequently used for the responsorial psalms at Sunday Masses in the United States. Here is the link to GIA’s website. 

There is a drop-down menu labeled “Full Psalms” where you can select any psalm and read it in full. 

Prior to finding this link, I had not read the Revised Grail Psalms outside of liturgical materials. There are also a few editions of them available in print.

The Revised Grail Psalms: A Liturgical Psalter published by GIA Publications

The Psalms: Songs of Faith and Praise; The Revised Grail Psalter with commentary and prayers by Abbot Gregory J. Polan OSB, published by Paulist Press

If anyone has one of these printed editions, I’d welcome your comments on them.

One thought on “Revised Grail Psalms Online”

  1. Marc,

    I purchased the GIA version of these on one of my last book orders a couple months ago. Have not read it yet, need to finish Sirac first. If the online edition had been available first I would have waited. The price was reasonable. Kinda like washing your car to make it rain, y’all can thank me later.


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