Thanks to reader Mike Borges for alerting me that ATC (the publishers of the ESV-CE and NLT-CE in India) now accepts PayPal payments. Readers of Timothy’s blog reported enormous difficulties with ordering from ATC earlier this year due to payment problems. PayPal should make payments much easier. Here is the link to the ATC website:

I should note that the ATC website remains somewhat unreliable. When I attempted to access it last week, the site was not working, and even now, a number of links are broken. I’m also not sure what shipping options ATC would offer for international purchases. But it’s encouraging to see that the payment roadblock should be much easier to deal with for international customers now.

6 thoughts on “ATC Books Now Accepts PayPal”

  1. I was very excited to hear this! Unfortunately, I just tried to place an order for a new ESV-CE and was told that PayPal is “unable to process your payment for this site at this time.” Which sounds suspiciously similar to messages I got from PayPal when I’ve tried to use them before on ATC’s website.

    Anyone else have better luck?

    1. Have you create your own new account in ATC website? Register your name in and then order an payment. Maybe I could be wrong about this. Hope it will success for you next tine try again!

      Brother in Christ


  2. Thanks for the tip James, tried that just now, still getting the same error message from PayPal. Ugh….perhaps this is the Lord’s way of telling me I have enough Bibles already lol!

    – Ronny

    1. Ronny, that’s a shame it didn’t work out for you. It’s same with everyone, still difficult to purchase ESV-CE from ATC publishers. Maybe they don’t accept the dollars or pounds via PayPal payment? Only rupees we pay it? The only way to get it is take a vacation to go there and buy it in the ATC bookshop lol maybe.

      Brother in Christ


  3. I’m content with waiting for it to be published in the US, which I have no doubt it will be one day. They may drag their feet as they did with the ‘ESV with Apocrypha’ edition that was published by Oxford University Press, but eventually, they will relent and license it to some publisher, probably Oxford University Press. I may have to wait until after the NABRE2025 edition is published, but I have no doubt it WILL happen eventually, if only because Crossway is going to conclude that the ESV has reached saturation levels and they will need to expand their market if they are going to get sales. I don’t care what they might say about their ‘mission’, Crossway is a for-profit company and they need to make sales to survive.

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