Readers James and Jonny alerted me in the comments to the single-column RSV-CE New Testament published by Dynamic Catholic. The edition comes in either paperback (free plus $5.95 shipping) or leatherette ($24.95). Like many editions of the RSV-CE, this edition has endnotes rather than footnotes. Jonny reports that the pages are line-matched to minimize ghosting, and the font size is roughly 10 or 11.

James reports that both the paperback and leatherette copies have thick construction paper pages. The leatherette has a rubber-like feel. He shared the following photos of the leatherette edition:

Jonny reports that the pages in his copy feel smooth and of good quality. It’s possible that there were different printings using different types of paper. Jonny shared additional images of his copy:

2 thoughts on “RSV-CE New Testament from Dynamic Catholic”

  1. So it does appear to be different paper between our two copies… not even the same color! Would like to see both side by side for comparison.

    I have the full Bible version on pre-order. Really looking forward to seeing the single column format, especially in Psalms and wisdom literature. I will send some pictures when I get mine, hopefully by the end of August. Marc, maybe you could get a review copy for the blog? 😉

  2. That’s a hard one for me to tell, since the color differences could be caused by different lighting. It definitely would be interesting to see them side-by-side. The ghosting looks similar in both editions, although it might be slightly better in James’ copy?

    I must say, I really like the typesetting in this New Testament. It’s very clear and readable, and I’m especially impressed to see line matching on such an inexpensive edition. A complete Bible with this typesetting would be a joy to read. I’ll see about getting a review copy!

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